House Rules

If you wish to apply as a Beloved House of Care occupant, we advice that you please review our house rules below:

1. Rooms

  • Occupants or boarders are advised to bring their own blankets.
  • We implement a strictly for Male and for Female zone areas. Male occupants are only permitted to stay in the boys’ room, lounge area and study areas. Female occupants are

2. Visitors/Visiting Hours

  •  There will be a curfew hours from 10PM to 5AM the next day.
  • Visitors are only allowed to stay until the curfew hours in some designated areas.
  • For purposes of group studies, visitors may be permitted to stay beyond the curfew hours until 7AM the next day only. There will be charge of P250 for visitors staying for the said purpose upon the approval of the dormitory administrators.
  • Visitors are only allowed to stay at the canteen area. They are not permitted to stay at the boarders’ rooms, living room area and study area.

3. Security

  • Dormitory occupants are not allowed to bring any kind of toxic or alcoholic liquor and beverages, cigarettes, and prohibited drugs, inside the premises of the Dormitory and the boarders’ room.
  • Gambling, smoking, and drinking of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.
  •  Carrying or bringing of deadly weapons and the like is also strictly prohibited. The management will confiscate such weapons when found.
  • Since sneaking drugs inside the dormitory is strictly prohibited, in case of the need to use regulated drugs, a clearance to bring the same must first be submitted for approval by administrators.
  • If under the influence of drugs and alcoholic drinks, a boarder will not be permitted entry inside the dormitory.
  • Smoking is also not permitted within the premises of the dormitory.
  • A 24-hour manned security protection will be installed, backed by CCTV cameras and maintenance crews to ensure that all security house rules are observed.
  • Room inspection will be conducted once every week to ensure that dormitory boarders are safe and secure, and that all house rules on security are strictly observed.
  •  Occupants agree that dormitory personnel can conduct inspection of their properties any time that the management deemed it necessary for security and protection of fellow dormitory boarders.
  • Since management cannot regularly keep on guard to occupants’ safekeeping concerns from theft or stealing, it is all boarders’ responsibility to conduct their own safekeeping of their personal belongings (e.g., jewelries, gadgets, documents, and more). Management will not assume responsibility for any loss or damage from untoward incidents like theft and burglary. However, we advice that occupants immediately report to management any incident relative to the cases mentioned above.
  • Outside of the premises of the Dormitory, lessor is not responsible of the boarders.
  • Occupants are not allowed to take outside the room all dormitory properties inside their room nor bring classroom properties inside the dormitory premises.
  • Boarders must ensure take care of all dormitory properties entrusted to the same. Any damage or loss of properties under the care of the boarder will be charged to those who are held liable.
  • There will be a logbook that occupants must sign every time they leave the dormitory premises.
  • Curfew starts at 10PM and all lights must be turned off. Opening of lights outside the rooms of occupants may be extended during examination weeks.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the premises of the Dormitory.

4. Dormitory Conduct and Behavior

  • All occupants and their visitors must observe proper conduct and behavior when inside the premises of the dormitory. Disorderly conduct will be dealt with accordingly by management.
  • Any form of noise, such as loud music, must be discontinued when curfew hours strike, or from 10PM to 6AM.
  • Vandalism is strictly prohibited.

5. Food and beverages

  •  Our canteen is open until 10PM. Light meals are served during the evenings.
  • Cooking in the boarders’ rooms are not allowed. Occupants may avail of our food packages or pay our affordable cooking services.

6. Water and electricity

  • Water and electricity-powered light are covered by the monthly rental by occupants.
  •  If lessees opted to install ACU, dormitory management will charge for the installation service.
  • There will be additional fee to the monthly rental payment of occupants who will bring electric-powered equipments, such as the following:
  • Heater – P500/month
  • Electric fan/flat iron – P300/month
  • Laptop – P300/month

7. Cleanliness

  • Cleanliness and orderliness must be maintained inside the boarders’ rooms and areas where occupants have been granted permission to use the same (e.g., study area, living room, kitchen).
  • There will be trash cans that will be provided in each room. There will be daily collection of trash bins by dorm keepers.
  • Dorm keepers will conduct daily inspection on comfort rooms.

8. Laundry

  • Wet clothes must be hanged in designated area at the roof top of the dormitory.
  • Comfort rooms may be used to wash undergarments only.
  • An affordable laundry service is available with the following rates:
  • T-shirt/blouse – P25/kilo
  • Maong skit/Pants – P30/kilo
  •  Bed sheets – P60/kilo

9. Prohibitions ground for dismissal

  • Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages
  •  User of illegal drugs
  • Vandalism
  • Stealing